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For What It’s Worth

So you’d think once I’d reached the dizzy heights of meeting royalty I needn’t blog again! No, not a bit of it, I’ve just been very, very bad and ignoring my own marketing (at my peril), which any small business owner will tell you is a cardinal sin! I have to be honest though between Linkedin, Twitter, newsletters (yes, I...

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May 2014 Newsletter


Yes it really did happen!

On Tuesday, 10 September, I attended St James’s Palace and got to meet HRH The Prince of Wales. Surreal, but it happened and I know this because I have photographic proof, however, I still sometimes think I was dreaming. On entry, the police check your ID, you then disconnect from the outside world leaving your mobile phone in the cloakroom. ...

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Is This Really Happening?

Business cards – map – shiny new comfy shoes – rail tickets – ID – swanky handbag – invite – suit – must write a list, all important stuff. Why?    The chance of a lifetime When?  Tuesday 10 September What?   Celebrating Enterprise ‘Be a Business Champion’ Where?  St James’s Palace With?     HRH Prince Charles Hang on, I’m just going to...

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Can You Hear Me?

It’s amazing how technology reaches into all areas of our lives and one big change is of course digital from analogue, in particular the digital sound recording devices now on the market. Work smarter not harder Have you thought about how you can apply this to your life?  It can really enhance the way you work, for instance how about...

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Article in Choice Magazine (February issue)

LinchpinPA appears in an article about starting up in self employment in Choice magazine February issue. Choice Magazine Feb issue Prime

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Article in Senior Enterprise

There has been another article about LinchpinPA in the Senior Enterprise. I have attached a copy of the article to this post so you can have a read. Senior Enterprise Article Download

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Article in The Hexham Courant

Article about LinchpinPA in today’s edition of The Hexham Courant (with kind permission of The Hexham Courant). Attached is the PDF copy of the article. Download The Article

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